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Maggie Keefe is the author of two silly poetry books for kids, Day Dreaming and One Little Voice. Trouble’s Tale is her first chapter book, She hopes you enjoy reading it as much as she enjoyed writing it. 
Maggie resides in the northeast kingdom of Vermont for half the year, escaping to Sarasota, Florida, when the long, cold Vermont winter sets in. What could be better than spending summer in the mountains and winter by the beach AND  writing silly, quirky children’s books? 

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Trouble's Tale: A story of family, friendship and a very clever cat',  children's chapter book aimed at children aged 5 hrough 9 A heartwarming story of a family of misfit pets with a life lesson in every chapter. How much room is there in one heart for cats, dogs, parrots, and people? The more you love; the more your heart stretches; at least, that's what Shelia says. This is the story of Sheila and her screwball animal friends, a cat named Trouble, a dog named Mischief, and a bird named Bonkers. Sheila, a kindhearted animal shelter worker, has a soft spot for the misfits she meets at the shelter, learns to love, and eventually adopts.  A Cat Named Trouble, a wisecracking, street-smart cat hoping to find his forever home, but with a name like Trouble, how would he ever get adopted? Mischief, a sweet, naive dog, struggles to learn how to get along with her sibling, a cat named Trouble. When Bonkers, the trash-talking parrot, joins the family, things really get interesting. Bonkers speaks human and can be a bit of a smart aleck, a real comedian, as Trouble puts it.

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A collection of silly poems guaranteed to make you smile! "Day Dreaming" describes the perfect day, where a limo is waiting to take you to school, and mom has prepared Pop-Tarts for dinner. "There's a Mouse in the House" describes how crazy things can get when a furry little critter moves into the house. Ever wonder what your pet is thinking? Me too! "If That Cat Could Talk" will give you an idea of what your cat may have on her mind. "Do a Silly Dance" will get you up and moving and allow you to explore your innermost silly self. So get cozy, find your favorite comfy chair and start "Day Dreaming."

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A collection of poems that are funny and fun to read.

What happens when a restaurant owner refuses to serve a clown because of his crazy red hair and floppy clown shoes?

“No Clowns Allowed” shows the importance of speaking up and how one little voice can make a big difference. Other poems in the collection contain lovable characters like the little guy who works hard and becomes a basketball star, the girl who only wants to wear polka dots, one that is tempted by a cupcake, and one that takes ice cream eating to a whole new level. Her ice cream-eating skills are giving me the chills! Join in the fun and do a silly dance when your reading time is done!

Maggie Keefe resides in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, where you learn to make your own fun. She enjoys swimming with frogs, stargazing, dancing like no one’s looking,  eating maple creamies, and writing silly poems. Maggie released her first book of silly poems earlier this year and had so much fun she decided to do it again. She is a firm believer that our world can use a little more silliness, and is on a mission to provide it. 

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Storyteller at Heart


A retired software engineer trying to exercise the other side of her brain to ward off cognitive decline.

A pandemic poet with too much time on her hands and a bad case of the isolation


A Senior spending the long, long frigid winter in the frozen northeast kingdom of


An aspiring rap singer attempting to make

rap music passé.

A budget-conscious senior citizen on a

fixed income looking for inexpensive, meaningful gifts that are easy to wrap.

The recent recipient of an artificial hip and although her orthopedic surgeon claims her arthritis is due to old age, she believes it was caused by overzealous gyrations on the Zumba floor.

A kid at heart with a passion for children’s literature, and although I am getting a late start, I feel like I am finally

pursuing my dream.

All of the above, or maybe most of the above but definitely some of the above.

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I am a local author from Danville, Vermont, spending winters in beautiful Sarasota, Florida, living the dream. I would love to share my silly poems with children in the area. Please let me know if you would like me to read from my books 'Day Dreaming'  and 'One Little Voice'; the poetry is mainly suited for 4 -8-year-olds but can be enjoyed by children of all ages. I am also working on a book of silly poems for seniors and will be reading to local seniors, hoping to encourage creativity and a sense of purpose in our elders. There is also a chapter book in me just waiting to bust out – look for 'Trouble's Tale' coming soon!

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